ROLLING STONES (THE): Under Review, 1969-1974 - The Mick Taylor Years


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The Rolling Stones: Under Review, 1969-1974 - The Mick Taylor Years

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Catalogue Number: SIDVD557
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Often regarded as the period in which The Rolling Stones recorded the finest music of their career, the years during which Mick Taylor was the fifth Stone remain the band's "Golden Age." Notably, on albums Let It Bleed, Stickly Fingers and Exile On Main Street the Stones' sound changed as they developed new ideas and were informed by a range of new influences. But crucially it was Taylor's sophisticated blues and jazz licks that gave The Rolling Stones an added dimension between 1969-1974 - one they lacked both before and afterwards.

This dynamic film tells the behind the scenes story of this hugely productive ear for the group. Featuring interviews with Taylor himself and further contributions from his old boss, John Mayall; author and group colleauge, Robert Greenfield; Village Voice music editor, Robert Christgau; Stones session musicians, Al Perkins and Bill Plummer; highly regarded UK music critic, Barney Hoskyns and many others. The program also includes liberal performance film of the Stones, archive footage and interviews, numerous seldom seen photographs and a host of other features.

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