GREEN DAY: Under Review, 1995-2000 - The Middle Years


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Green Day: Under Review, 1995-2000 - The Middle Years
Davis, Christian - Television Director

Playing Time: 01:15:06
Catalogue Number: SIDVD514
UPC: 823564509396

Often overlooked when the band's best work is chronicled, the triumvirate of albums book-ended by the multi-platinum Dookie and groundbreaking American Idiot remain, for some, Green Day's finest. And while many artists "forgotten years" are best left that way, in the case of San Francisco's favorite sons, the process of recall is long overdue.

Green Day Under Review 1995-2000: The Middle Years, offers an opportunity to do just that, and attempts to redress this criminal imbalance with new evaluations of the superb Insomniac, the extraordinary Nimrod and the often perplexing Warning.

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