BOWIE, David: Under Review 1976-1979: The Berlin Trilogy


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David Bowie - Under Review 1976-1979: The Berlin Trilogy
Davis, Christian - Television Director

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By the mid 1970s David Bowie was the biggest pop star in the UK, but his personal life was in turmoil. In a bid to escape the chaos of his drug problems and to flee from the media spotlight, the singer eventually found his way to Berlin, where he started to work on what would become some of the most memorable and critically lauded recordings of his entire career.

With Low, "Heroes", and Lodger, Bowie stopped moving from persona to persona as he had previously done, settling instead on being simply himself. He began to blend the music he was hearing in his adopted homeland (Krautrock, Kraftwerk) with thrilling and often avant-garde methodologies as used by his friend and colleague Brian Eno.

David Bowie - Under Review 1976-1979: The Berlin Trilogy features live and studio performances by Bowie, rare interviews, and a host of other features, all interspersed with independent review and criticism from a panel of esteemed experts. These include former members of both Neu! and Cluster (and key Bowie influences), Dieter Moebius and Michael Rother; broadcaster, journalist and author of The Ambient Century, Mark Prendergast; ex-Melody Maker/Mojo scribe and Reviews Editor at Wire, David Stubbs; music expert and author Daryl Easlea; style aficionado, Paolo Hewitt among others.

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