AMERICA'S MUSIC LEGACY - Country and Western


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- (Disc 1)

Bandy, Moe - Vocals
Dean, Eddie - Vocals
Page, Patti - Vocals
Sylvia, - Vocals

America's Music Legacy: Country and Western

Catalogue Number: QLDVD7178
UPC: 760137717898

Today America's music does what it has always done, bring people together. In American music every aspect of life, ethnicity, and culture is merged, mixed, and highlighted. The rich diversity of American culture and life is reflected in its lively beat-filled rhythms. American music is the story of the country, a reflection of a nation alive with change, filled with curiosity and led by hope and excitement.

America's music legacy, be it Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock, R&B or Folk are the songs and artists who have a special power to express what words alone cannot: hopes, fears, dreams, love, hate, anger, pride, aspirations and disappointments. Because songs span the breadth of human experience, they are uniquely able to communicate across time and space the beliefs and ideas held by their composers, performers and listeners.

Rock-a-Billy, Country, and Bluegrass all came from the simple form of story telling by music and modern Country and Western music has its roots in the folk songs of the rural south and the cowboy music popularized by the singing cowboys of the 30s, 40s and 50s. Moving from the rural areas it found a home on the radio nationwide predominantly from Nashville on the Grand Ole Opry finding a broader audience as Country Music began to move from "hillbilly music" to the more sophisticated and polished form that exists today.

America's Music Legacy showcase the musical legends performing the songs that continue to attract and entice the whole world, because they truly are the best of all that is America.

Part 1

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