FRANK SINATRA SHOW (THE): When You Are Smiling


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- (Disc 1)

Date of Concert: 1957

The Frank Sinatra Show: When You Are Smiling

Catalogue Number: QLDVD6739
UPC: 022891673996

In 1957 Bulova Watch Company sponsored The Frank Sinatra Show, a variety show airing on Friday nights starring Frank Sinatra and broadcast on The ABC Television Network.

This show was taped in November 1957. The special guests are Dagmar, comedians Tim Herbert and Don Saxon, Eileen Barton, pianist Joey Bushkin and June Hutton. This programme is remastered from the archive tape of the broadcast, and is the original broadcast including the sponsor's promotional segments. Whilst the quality of reproduction may not meet modern technological standards, it is a rare record of three of the most popular performers of the twentieth century performing together.

Part 1

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