COMPOSING THE BEATLES SONGBOOK: Lennon and McCartney, 1957-1965


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Composing the Beatles Songbook: Lennon and McCartney, 1957-1965

Year of Production: 2007
Playing Time: 01:26:35
Catalogue Number: PGDVD106
UPC: 823564512990

The Beatles' music is more familiar to more people than that of any other group, artist or composer; there can barely be an adult on the planet who can't hum at least a couple of their tunes. And the composers of the vast majority of these timeless songs have arguably eclipsed the offerings of anyone who's penned a tune before or since.

Composing the Beatles Songbook: Lennon and McCartney, 1957-1965 is an independent documentary film which reviews the partnership, music and impact of Lennon and McCartney as composers. Covering the period from the day they met in 1957 until the release of the Rubber Soul album at the end of 1965, the film dissects, contrasts, and reassesses their music, ultimately providing one of the finest documents of this portion of the band's career.

Drawing on rare footage, classic performances and penetrating revelations from friends of the pair, Beatles academics and musicologists, this program discovers the true story of how those classic songs were written.

Included here are contributions from friends Barry Miles, Klaus Voorman and Maureen Cleave; musicians Alan Moore and Chris Ingham; journalists Robert Christgau (Village Voice) and Anthony De Curtis (Rolling Stone); authors Johnny Rogan, Pete Doggett, Steve Turner and Nigel Williamson; and broadcaster Paul Gambaccini.

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