WAITS, Tom: Complete Review (The)


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Tom Waits: The Complete Review

Year of Production: 2006
Playing Time: 03:08:40
Catalogue Number: PG2DVD145
UPC: 823564527598

It's almost 40 years since Tom Waits' debut record, and during a career that, for most fans, has quite simply gotten better, more exciting and more challenging with each new release, he is surely the only performer and writer from the rock age to be consistently satisfying while remaining as difficult to predict as the weather.

This video reviews Tom's career from his pre-contract days when he worked as a struggling songwriter right through his Island years and his experimental phase, bringing the story up to date with his most recent records.

With the aid of plentiful archive and rare footage, interviews with the man himself plus contributions from his nearest colleagues, this set comes as close as it's possible to get in tracking the true Tom Waits and revealing quite what it is that has made this extraordinary artist the maverick he truly remains.

This film includes brand new interviews with producer Bones Howe, biographer Barney Hoskyns, collaborator Jerry Yester, ex-Village Voice music editor Robert Christgau, Rolling Stone's Anthony De Curtis and many others.

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