PURCELL, H.: Fairy Queen (The) (Glyndebourne, 2009)


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- (Disc 1)
The Fairy Queen, Z. 629
Libretto/Text Author: Anonymous
Libretto Source: Shakespeare, William

Adam (singer): Lyon, Ed
Autumn (singer): Ward, Adrian
Bottom (actor): Barrit, Desmond
Coridon (singer): Foster-Williams, Andrew
Demetrius (actor): Sueur, Oliver Le
Drunken Poet (singer): Barrit, Desmond
Eve (singer): Howells, Helen-Jane
First Fairy (singer): Debono, Claire
Hermia (actor): Wise, Susannah
Juno (singer): Crowe, Lucy
Lysander (actor): Jones, Oliver Kieran
Mopsa (singer): Burt, Robert
Mystery (singer): Crowe, Lucy
Night (singer): Sampson, Carolyn
Oberon (actor): Millson, Joseph
Phoebus (singer): Kargl, Lukas
Puck (actor): Annan, Jotham
Second Fairy (singer): Devin, Anna
Secrecy (singer): Lyon, Ed
Spring (singer): Debono, Claire
Summer (singer): Clayton, Sean
Titania (actor): Dexter, Sally
Winter (singer): Foster-Williams, Andrew

Set/Stage Designer: Brown, Paul
Costume Designer: Brown, Paul
Lighting Designer: Henderson, Mark
Choreographer: Brandstrup, Kim
Stage Director: Kent, Jonathan

Date of Production: 19-07-2009
Venue: Glyndebourne Opera House
Playing Time: 03:41:00
Catalogue Number: OA1031D
UPC: 809478010319


Jonathan Kent's spectacular production of Purcell's huge semi-opera is joyous, imaginative and witty. Glyndebourne, with its intimate auditorium, provides the perfect setting for a drama which is partly spoken and partly sung. Based on an adaptation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, the story is lavished with a brilliance that justifies this production's acclaim. Paul Brown's inventive designs, Kim Brandstrup's exquisite choreography, an excellent cast of actors and singers and outstanding playing by the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment under William Christie combine to make a seamless theatrical experience.

Bonus features:

- Staging The Fairy Queen - an interview with Jonathan Kent
- Music of The Fairy Queen - an interview with William Christie

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