BIRTWISTLE, H.: Minotaur (The) (Royal Opera House, 2008)

BIRTWISTLE, H.: Minotaur (The) (Royal Opera House, 2008)


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- (Disc 1)
The Minotaur
Libretto/Text Author: Harsent, David

Fifth Innocent: Mead, Tim
First Innocent: Bottone, Rebecca
Fourth Innocent: Ainslie, Christopher
Second Innocent: Matshikiza, Pumeza
Snake Priestess: Watts, Andrew
The Minotaur: Tomlinson, John
Third Innocent: Thompson, Wendy Dawn

Set/Stage Designer: Chitty, Alison
Costume Designer: Chitty, Alison
Lighting Designer: Pyant, Paul
Choreographer: Giraudeau, Philippe
Stage Director: Langridge, Stephen
Sound Producer: Groves, David
DVD Producer: Damme, Ferenc van
Television Director: Haswell, Jonathan

Date of Production: 03-05-2008
Venue: Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London
Playing Time: 03:00:25
Catalogue Number: OA1000D
UPC: 809478010005

This world premiere of a gripping new work by composer Harrison Birtwistle and librettist David Harsent, commissioned by The Royal Opera, brings the monstrous, Greek mythological character to the stage. The Minotaur, part man, part beast, trapped in his labyrinth and constrained by his bloodthirsty role there, longs to discover his true identity and his own voice. Athens must pay a blood sacrifice to Crete and among the innocents is Theseus, who has come to challenge the violent Minotaur, but who also attracts the attention of Ariadne, half-sister and keeper of the monster; it is with her help he succeeds.

Bonus features:

- Documentary - Myth is Universal.

- Illustrated synopsis.

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