KORNGOLD, E.W.: Wunder der Heliane (Das) [Opera] (Deutsche Oper Berlin, 2018)

KORNGOLD, E.W.: Wunder der Heliane (Das) [Opera] (Deutsche Oper Berlin, 2018)


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- (Disc 1)
Das Wunder der Heliane, Op. 20
Libretto/Text Author: Muller, Hans
Conductor: Albrecht, Marc

Der blinde Schwertrichter: Ulrich, Burkhard
Der Fremde: Jagde, Brian
Der Herrscher: Wagner, Josef
Der Pfortner: Welton, Derek

Set/Stage Designer: Leiacker, Johannes
Costume Designer: Drosihn, Barbara
Lighting Designer: Winter, Olaf
Stage Director: Loy, Christof

Date of Production: 2018
Venue: Deutsche Oper Berlin
Playing Time: 02:47:51
Catalogue Number: NBD0083V
UPC: 730099008365

Erich Wolfgang Korngold spoke of this work as his "masterpiece". The Miracle of Heliane bears all the hallmarks of Korngold's musical theatre - and goes one step further in scale, with a huge score and orchestra, intoxicating pathos and exquisitely expressive harmonies that play with polytonality - resulting in a gripping and sensuous drama. The world premiere in Hamburg in 1927 was a triumph, with more than a dozen houses booking the latest work by Korngold, at the time the second most performed composer of opera after Richard Strauss. With the Jewish Korngold prevented by the Nazis from presenting his works to the public, the Miracle of Heliane vanished from the repertoire, never to return.

This is a timeless fairy tale portraying a cold ruler incapable of loving anyone, his wife Heliane, devoted to a Dionysian stranger, and a people waiting for a redemptory miracle to occur.

An outstanding cast in all roles, staging of Christof Loy and the orchestra of the Deutsche Oper conducted by Mark Albrecht make waken Korngold's grand and opulent music from decades of slumber and made this production a real triumph, acclaimed by the audience and international critics.

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