BIBER, H.I.F. von: Missa Salisburgensis / MONTEVERDI, C.: Choral Sacred Works (Collegium Vocale, Collegium 1704, Luks)


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- (Disc 1)
Conductor: Luks, Vaclav

Venue: Salzburg Cathedral
Festival: Salzburg Festival
Playing Time: 01:33:15
Television Director: Glas, Sebastian
Catalogue Number: NBD0066V
UPC: 730099006668

The full splendour of Baroque spatial and sonic drama is encountered in these performances of Heinrich Biber's polyphonic masterpiece, the Missa Salisburgensis, and the Venetian choral works of Claudio Monteverdi, from which it takes inspiration.

Composed in an astonishing 53 parts in 1682, the Mass celebrated the acoustic possibilities of the newly completed Cathedral in Salzburg, the very building in which it is performed in this recording. The authentic 360-degree surround sound sends the music ricocheting from platform and galleries in a dazzling display that exploits acoustics and architecture alike.

Part 1


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