RAVEL, M.: Enfant et les sortileges (L') [Opera] (Lyon Opera, 1999)


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- (Disc 1)
L'enfant et les sortileges
Libretto/Text Author: Colette, Sidonie-Gabrielle
Conductor: Langree, Louis

The Armchair / The Tree: Fremeau, Jean-Marie
The Bat / The Shepherd Girl: Haudebourg, Sophie
The Cat / The Squirrel: Deshayes, Karine
The Dragonfly / The Chinese Cup: Thebault, Hjordis
The Fire / The Nightingale: Perraud, Chantal
The Grandfather Clock / The Tom Cat: Georges, Philippe
The Little Old Man / The Frog: Pezzino, Leonard
The Louis XV Chair / The Little Owl: Fallot, Marilyne
The Princess: Cela, Alketa
The Tea Pot: Ranc, Bruno

Set/Stage Designer: Lemaire, Vincent
Costume Designer: Jorge, Jara
Lighting Designer: Sireuil, Philippe
Stage Director: Sireuil, Philippe

Venue: Opera Nouvel, Lyon
Playing Time: 00:47:06
Catalogue Number: MID13245088

Part 1

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