OHNE FILTER: Yellowjackets in Concert


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- (Disc 1)

Date of Concert: 24-07-1994

Ohne Filter: Yellowjackets in Concert

Catalogue Number: INAK6542DVD
UPC: 707787654272

The Yellowjackets are unique. Fusion music has preserved their vitality and charm. To their credit, this band from California, who captured the music scene at the beginning of the eighties, has produced one hit after another ever since. When keyboard maestro Russell Ferrante, ace bass player Jimmy Haslip, saxophonist star Bob Mintzer and drum dervish Will Kennedy get together live, then pop fans are as impressed as jazz lovers. The passion that exudes from these four virtuosos and flows through the amazing solos is inspiring and brings subtle studio music to life on stage.

Part 1

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