MIKE STERN BAND: Live in Paris, 2008


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Venue: New Morning, Paris
Date of Concert: 16-05-2008

Mike Stern Band: Live in Paris, 2008

Catalogue Number: INAK6471-1DVD
UPC: 707787647175

Senior Jazz columnist Mike Zwerin who's been in and out of the Jazz Galaxy says it like this: "Mike Stern is one of the best electric guitarists of his generation." This has never been more obvious than in the extraordinary concert the four-time Grammy nominee gave in the spring of 2008 to a mesmerized New Morning audience. At the peak of his inspiration, improvising past all musical genres, Mike - superbly backed this time by brilliant drummer Dave Weckl, soulful tenor saxophonist Bob Franceschini and incredible bassist Tom Kennedy - takes his fans along into a journey of pure musical delight. Not a surprise that mike concluded the evening by confiding: "I don't want to stop! They'll probably have to wheel me off the stage."

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