COBHAM, Billy: Culture Mix Live in Paris, 2002


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- (Disc 1)

Date of Concert: 12-09-2002

Five Day Run
Red Baron
Sa Pobla
Aurora Borealis
Mister B.C.
Dessicated Coconuts
How Was the Night

Catalogue Number: INAK6452DVD
UPC: 707787645270

Billy Cobham is the uncontested champion of the drumming world. His incomparable instrumental mastery contributed immensely to putting fusion and jazz-rock into orbit. From Horace Silver, Michael and Randy Brecker to John McLaughlin, and right up to the great Miles, almost every important jazz musician of the past three decades is deeply indebted to his genius as an accompanist. The years have left hardly a trace on the dazzling technique and the hard-rocking, funky energy with an R&B edge of "the man with the golden sticks." Together with his Culture Mix sidekicks - onstage at the New Morning club in Paris - Billy Cobham is reinventing and intensifying the miracle of an art form open to younger generations of musicians and music lovers from all horizons.

Part 1

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