MOZART, W.A.: Symphony No. 39 / TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Symphony No. 4 (Solti)


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- (Disc 1)
Conductor: Solti, Georg

Debussy, Claude - Composer

Venue: Royal Festival Hall, London
Playing Time: 01:20:10
Catalogue Number: ICAD5100
UPC: 5060244551008

The programme features Mozart's Symphony No. 39, Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4, and an encore from Debussy's Nocturnes: No. 2. Fetes. All performed with the flair, passion and majestic artistry for which Solti was famed. His interpretation of Mozart has been hailed as arguably one of the greatest in history. "There are certain composers on whose work Solti has stamped his mark with a distinction that has never been equalled, nor probably ever will be, so that his conduit of their intentions has become integral to the experience of listening to them." (The Observer)

Part 1

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