WEBERN, A.: Langsamer Satz (Samouil, Neudauer, Tchitch, Gomziakov)


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- (Disc 1)

Webern, Anton - Composer
Langsamer Satz

Date of Concert: 2012
Festival: GAIA Chamber Music Festival, Thun
Playing Time: 00:11:23
Television Director: Kapi, Daniel
Catalogue Number: GAIA-V1001

Anton Webern's Langsamer Satz for string quartet was performed as part of the "My GAIA" concert during the Festival's 2012 edition. Composed in 1905, Langsamer Satz is in traditional sonata form and in the key of C Major; it would be another twenty years before Webern turned to twelve-tone technique. Langsamer Satz premiered in 1962, seventeen years after Webern's death, and has the longest playing time of any piece in his body of work.

Part 1

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