YEARNING FOR THE PRESENCE - The Originating Process of Mark Andre's Opera Wunderzaichen (Documentary, 2014)


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- (Disc 1)

Yearning for the Presence
Aumuller, Uli - Television Director

Playing Time: 00:59:08
Catalogue Number: EuroArts6078
UPC: 880242607881

In 2008 Mark Andre was assigned by the Staatsoper Stuttgart to write an opera, to be directed by Jossie Wieler and Sergio Morabito.

The subject was to be a tale that had fascinated the composer since he was a little child: the disappearance of Jesus of Nazareth. The main character of the opera, written by Mark Andre over the course of 7 years, is Johannes Reuchlin, a 15th-century Christian scholar of the Jewish Kabbala.

The film follows Mark Andrew during his journey to Israel in 2011, during the sound research in the Experimentalstudio of the SWR in Freiburg in 2013 and during the final rehearsal in the Staatsoper Stuttgart in Spring 2014

Part 1

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