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- (Disc 1)

Black Faith
Johnson, Howard - Television Director

Playing Time: 02:33:12
Catalogue Number: EDGE61D
UPC: 820680106195

The Black Church is the treasure-house of black culture, a port in stormy seas, an engine for change, its music a conduit for the release of sentiments of sheer joy, sheer pain and the redeeming poetry of sacrifice.

Black Faith is in three parts:

A Mighty Voice - on the early history of Caribbean Christianity and the effects of immigration on faith and style of worship.

The Blood of Jesus - the Pentecostals form the largest group of black chuches and this episode explores their beliefs, forms of service and their place in society.

Last Boat to Salvation - looks at the attraction of the West African churches in the UK, how they are redefining the notion of holiness. It also touches on the interface between religious and political goals and agendas.

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