YOUNG, Neil: Collector's Box


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Neil Young: Under Review, 1966-1975
Neil Young: Under Review, 1976-2006

Playing Time: 04:10:32
Catalogue Number: DVDIS032
UPC: 823564528694

With the possible exception of Bob Dylan, Neil Young remains the most respected artist in the history of contemporary music. And fifty years into a career that has seen him experiment with just about every musical genre to emerge thus far, and invent a fair few of his own too, this troubadour of troubadours continues to create at a quite extraordinary rate with an energy and passion that the vast majority of his contemporaries lost years ago.

This set covers the entire career of Neil Young and with the help of rare archive, vintage and exclusive interviews, live and studio footage, performance film and contributions from those who have known him best along the way plus the finest writers on his life and work, makes for a truly enthralling three-hour journey into the heart of this extraordinary musical maverick.

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