LED ZEPPELIN: Collector's Box


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Led Zeppelin: The Making of a Supergroup
Lewin, Charlotte - Television Director
Led Zeppelin: The Origin of the Species

Playing Time: 02:34:58
Catalogue Number: DVDIS009
UPC: 823564511993

Despite having split up close to 30 years ago following the death of drummer John Bonham, Led Zeppelin remain arguably the most important rock band ever. And as musical fads come and go and the allegiances of fans change, the mighty Zep continue to delight and amaze every new and up-and-coming generation.

This video is a visual celebration of Led Zeppelin, the astonishing music they made, the unforgettable shows they performed and the incredible lives they led as Britain's most successful group. This set features one film which charts the story of the band's origins and roots, concentrating on the members' pre-Zep solo careers and taking the story up to the release of their debut album in 1969, and another which follows the rise of Led Zeppelin proper, through their glory years and on to their tragic conclusion in 1980. With rare footage throughout, interviews with the band and those close to them and numerous other features, this set provides for the most informative, enlightening, and downright entertaining documentary on the group yet to emerge.

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