DYLAN, Bob: Golden Years, 1962-1978 (The)


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Bob Dylan: After the Crash
Tales from a Golden Age: Bob Dylan, 1941-1966

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Catalogue Number: DVDIS006
UPC: 823564508399

With a career now in its fifth decade and an influence as far reaching as any in popular music, Bob Dylan remains the quintessential figurehead for intelligent, cutting-edge music of the modern age.

This set is a documentary covering Dylan's life and music from his childhood and school days up to his conversion in the late 1970s to fundamental Christianity. With contributions from colleagues as diverse as his high school English teacher, his school friends, other members from his first bands, folk musician Martin Carthy, Dylan's first songwriting partner the late Jacques Levy, early 1960s Greenwich Village musicians, authors Clinton Heylin and CP Lee, Isis editor Derek Barker, and many others, plus rare film footage, unseen photographs and a host of other features, this collection houses the ultimate document on Bob Dylan's life and music during this period.

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