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- (Disc 1)

Jones, Joy - Vocals
Miss Kim, - Vocals

Venue: Ivar Theatre, Hollywood

Poets in Hip Hop

Catalogue Number: D8411
UPC: 655690841190

Live from the Ivar Theater in Hollywood, Touchstar Media presents Poets in Hip Hop, featuring some of today's hottest spoken word artists, including Bridget Gray (2001 Grand Slam Champion), GaKnew, Miss Kim, Joy Jones, Gina Loring, Jahaira and many more. These gifted and talented poets speak on topics from racism to politics in a way that all can relate. This is one of the most significant spoken word performances of our time, one that's guaranteed to inspire and lift you to a higher level of consciousness. Each performance is incredibly emancipating and liberating, representing a movement that's guaranteed to make history. So sit back, relax ... and be entertained.

Part 1


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