SHAKESPEARE, W.: Macbeth (Studio Production, 1981)


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- (Disc 1)

Catalogue Number: B002DVD
UPC: 709629200029

The Tragedy of a King is so blinded by ambition and paranoia that he senselessly murders those in this path eventually leading to his own demise. Macbeth and Banquo, victorious generals in the army of Duncan, King of Scotland, encounter three prophesying witches on their journey home from battle. Macbeth's ambitions are kindled by the witches prediction that he will someday be King. In an effort to hasten the prophecy, he and Lady Macbeth plot the murders of those in the way. Under the strain of the heinous crimes, Lady Macbeth dies and Macbeth edges toward insanity. Macduff organizes a force to overthrow Macbeth. In the tragic climax, the two duel, Macbeth is killed and King Duncans eldest son, Malcolm, becomes King.

Featuring Jeremy Brett, Piper Laurie, Simon MacCorkindale and Barry Primus.

Part 1


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