BERG, A.: Lulu (Staatsoper Festtage Festival, 2012)


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- (Disc 1)
Composer: Berg, Alban
Libretto/Text Author: Berg, Alban

Countess Geschwitz: Polaski, Deborah
Dr. Schon: Volle, Michael
High-School Boy: Lapkovskaja, Anna
Jack the Ripper: Volle, Michael
Lulu's Doppelganger: Modra, Blanka
Lulu's Doppelganger: Osswald, Liane
Professor of Medicine: Hubsch, Wolfgang
The Professor: Hubsch, Wolfgang
Theatre Manager: Prein, Johannes Werner
Theatrical Dresser: Lapkovskaja, Anna

Set/Stage Designer: Wonder, Erich
Costume Designer: Bickel, Moidele
Lighting Designer: Freese, Olaf
Stage Director: Breth, Andrea
Television Director: Beyer, Michael

Festival: Staatsoper Festtage Festival
Venue: Schiller Theater, Berlin
Playing Time: 02:35:37
Catalogue Number: A05018969

Lulu EUR" the "archetypal woman, created to wreak havoc, to lure, to seduce, to poison and to murder without anyone realizing" EUR" represents the object and the projection of men's desires and dreams. By destroying her lovers, Lulu is driven from cold-hearted love to cold-blooded murder and ultimately to her own destruction. For this Berlin Version Alban Berg's fragment has been completed by David Robert Coleman. Mojca Erdmann as Lulu proves ideally suited, mastering the insane leaps and coloraturas of the role with incredible ease. She is supported by Deborah Polaski as Countess Geschwitz, the "internally smouldering" Michael Volle as Dr. Schon and Georg Nigl as the "meticulously articulating athlete". (Der Tagesspiegel)

Part 1

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