SCHUBERT, F.: Mass No. 6 (Bohm)


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Conductor: Bohm, Karl

Schubert, Franz - Composer
Mass No. 6 in E flat major, D. 950

Venue: Hofburgkapelle, Vienna
Date of Concert: 1976
Playing Time: 00:59:42
Television Director: Kach, Hugo
Catalogue Number: A05001710

Little is known about the origin of the Mass No. 6 other than that Schubert wrote it in 1828, just a few months before his death. He does not seem to have had a specific performance in mind, and the work was only premiered in November 1829, a year after his death. Critics have since given the Mass an honored place among the composer's great works, many ranking it as his finest church composition. Although Schubert calls for five soloists (soprano, alto, two tenors and bass), the Mass is essentially a choral Mass. The composer calls for a large orchestra, including three trombones, but he omits the flutes and keeps the violins in their lower register, thereby giving the piece a dark, shaded tone.

Schubert's E flat major Mass was recorded at the Court Music Chapel (Hofmusikkapelle) in Vienna in June 1976. The eminent conductor Karl Böhm leads the Vienna Philharmonic and the male choir of the Hofmusikkapelle. The upper registers are provided by the world-renowned Vienna Boys' Choir. The distinguished soloists are Walter Berry, Peter Schreier and Hans Krenn.

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