CHEN / HE: Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto (The) / SHENG / XU / SHI / CHU / LIU / YIN: Yellow River Piano Concerto (The) (Nishizaki, Yin Chengzong)


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- (Disc 1)
Conductor: Fan, Cheng-wu
Conductor: Leaper, Adrian

Chen, Gang - Composer
He, Zhanhao - Composer
Sheng, Li Hong - Composer
Xu, Fei-sheng - Composer
Shi, Shucheng - Composer
Chu, Wanghua - Composer
Liu, Zhuang - Composer
Yin, Chengzong - Composer

Date of Concert: 1994
Playing Time: 00:50:26
Producer: Wong, Joseph
Sound Engineer: Geschwandtner, Hubert
Sound Engineer: Goh, Kovan
Sound Engineer: Kopernicky, Karol
Catalogue Number: 2.220005
UPC: 747313500567

The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto was written in 1958 by He Zhanhao and Chen Gang while they were students at the Shanghai Conservatory and was first performed in May the following year. Musically the concerto is a synthesis of Eastern and Western traditions, although the melodies and overall style are adapted from traditional Chinese opera. The solo violin is used in a way that recalls the playing technique of the erhu, the Chinese two-string fiddle. It is a one-movement programmatic concerto with three sections that correspond to the three phases of the story - Falling in Love, Refusing to Marry and Metamorphosis.

The Yellow River Concerto was based on the famous Yellow River Cantata by Xin Singhai, a work dating from the period of the Sino-Japanese War, and devised by the committee of composers then found advisable for such a task, Yin Chengzong, Liu Zhuang, Chu Wanghua, Sheng Lihong, Shi Shucheng and Xu Feisheng.

Part 1

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