ADAM, A.: Corsaire (Le) [Ballet] (Vienna State Ballet, 2016)


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- (Disc 1)
Le corsaire

Date of Concert: Feb. 2019
Venue: Vienna State Opera
Playing Time: 02:00:22
Catalogue Number: 2.110594

With its narrative of buccaneering bravado, exotic opulence, romance and traitorous intrigue, Le Corsaire is one of the most impressive nrrative ballets of the 19th century, and it remains and of Adolphe Adam's best-known works. Director of the Wiener Staatsballett, Manuel Legris, has choreographed a new version that draws on the rich performance traditions of Russia and France, and carefully spirited action, Adam's delightful music, choreography, scenery and costumes into an elegant and impressive production which brings to life the colourful events surround the leading couple of Conrad and Medora

Part 1


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