VERDI, G.: Macbeth [Opera] (Teatro Massimo, 2017)


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- (Disc 1)

Date of Production: 2018
Venue: Teatro Massimo, Palermo
Playing Time: 02:35:52
Catalogue Number: 2.110578
UPC: 747313557851


Commissioned in 1846, Macbeth offered Verdi the opportunity to make a qualitative leap in his career and its premiere was triumphantly received by audiences. Yet the libretto had proved problematic and many Italian critics did not share the composer's reverence for Shakespeare. Verdi surmounted all concerns with an opera that valued brevity but also preserved the play's most important elements. The formidable final concertato stands as one of his greatest achievements thus far, his pacing and detailing of the opera as a whole far surpassing his previous works. This production preserves the preferred 1865 revision of the work, sung in Italian and retaining the original 1847 finale.

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