CHINESE MUSICAL JOURNEY (A) - XINJIANG: A Cultural Tour with Traditional Chinese Music


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- (Disc 1)

The Places

This Naxos China Travelogues tour of Xinjiang (Sinkiang) starts in the old town of Kashgar, with its Uighur shops and alleys. Travelling to Tianchi (Heavenly Lake) in the Tianshan Mountain range, we see Kazakh yurts and flocks of sheep and something of the varied flora and fauna of the area. In Kashgar again, the tomb of Abakh Khoja, a famous local ruler in the early Qing dynasty, makes a contrast with the busy city life of the capital, Urumqi. Some 30 kilometres takes us to the geographical centre of the continent of Asia, while back at the heart of Kashgar itself is the 15th-century yellow-tiled Id Kah Mosque. There are views of strange rock formations in the countryside and of the colourful Lake Sayram, with the alpine scenery of Kanas Lake and the fertile vineyards of Grape Valley. The tour of this varied region, with its Uighur, Mongolian, Kazakh, Tatar, Uzbek, Han and other ethnic groups, ends with the snow-capped Tianshan Mountain with its great glaciers. The tour is accompanied by traditional music and instruments.

Part 1

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