OLESEN, T.A.: Picture of Dorian Gray (The) [Choreographed Opera] (Den Jyske Opera, 2013)


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- (Disc 1)
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Libretto/Text Author: Middleton, Alasdair

An Opium Dealer: Vinther, Susanne
Basil Hallward: Bobby, James
Countess of Monmouth: Riddell, Birgitte Skarby
Dorian Gray: Radley, Andrew
James Vanne: Bobby, James
Lord Henry Wotton: Best, Jonathan
Mrs. Vane, Sibyl's Mother: Hansen, Bolette Bruno
Sybil Vane: Thiele, Jenny

Set/Stage Designer:
Lighting Designer:
Choreographer: Brolin-Tani, Marie
Stage Director: Brolin-Tani, Marie
Sound Engineer:

Venue: Musikhuset, Aarhus
Playing Time: 01:48:20
Catalogue Number: 2.110415
UPC: 747313541553

The staging of the Danish composer Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen's opera The Picture of Dorian Gray (2013) is one of Den Jyske Opera's (Danish National Opera) bravest ventures in recent years. A choreographed opera with no singers on stage - based on Oscar Wilde's most controversial novel. Like Wilde's novel, Agerfeldt Olesen's opera balances between reality and dream or imagination. Consequently, both sounds from the world of yesterday and outbreaks of the musical genre are present in Agerfeldt Olesen's score, though primarily expressing the composer's own distinctive sound. The prizewinning Swedish choreographer Marie Brolin-Tani has conceived the choreography seen on the opera stage as a strong sensual interpretation of the actions and conflicts of the drama.

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