ALL-STAR ORCHESTRA (THE): Program 5: Relationships in Music / Program 6: The Living Art Form (G. Schwarz)


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- (Disc 1)

Brahms, Johannes - Composer
Schumann, Robert - Composer
Jones, Samuel - Composer

Venue: Grand Ballroom, Manhattan Center, New York
Date of Concert: 2012
Playing Time: 01:53:39
Catalogue Number: 2.110350
UPC: 747313535057

The All-Star Orchestra gives you a front row seat to the world's greatest music, performed by top players chosen from over 30 great American orchestras, and conducted by Gerard Schwarz. The programs feature complete performances of popular masterpieces and world premieres of new works by leading American composers. Filmed in High-Definition with 19 cameras during a once-a-year 'summit' in New York's historic Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center, the All-Star Orchestra celebrates the symphonic experience in the 21st century.

Program 5: Relationships in Music

Robert Schumann's wife Clara was herself a gifted pianist and composer. She became a lifelong friend and source of inspiration for Schumann's protege Johannes Brahms. This program will explore the turbulent musical and emotional relationships between these three, and the masterpieces that they produced.

Program 6: The Living Art Form

This program explored the creation of new concertos and the artistic process. Outstanding young soloists and leading American composers are featured in performance and in interviews.

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